Summer 2017 + Film Festivals

Hello readers!!

It has been a really busy semester!! I have probably had the most musical output in this spans of three and a half months then at any other time in my career so far. Here is the list of completed projects:

1) Marketing commercials for the apps Wovean, Necter and Swell

2) An anti-hazing ad for the University of Pennsylvania

3) A score for a sci-fi short film called "Deja Vu"

4) Began work on an RPG video game score (game demo will be released sometime next year)

5) Composed an orchestral piece inspired by three dreams that Sigmund Freud analyzed

6) Composed an original operatic score for a scene from Homer's Iliad

7) Performed the Morris Arboretum Suite live at the arboretum

8) Composed the music for the short film "The Seagull"

So yeah, its been a busy semester, but also incredibly rewarding. I definitely feel like I'm honing my craft. In other news, "ei: emotional intelligence" won the Audience Award for Reel Animation at NFFTY in Seattle! It also won first place at the Penn Film Festival (and "The Seagull got second place). "The Seagull" will be competing at the Sunset Film Festival in Santa Monica later this month. It is such a pleasure to be able to work with such talented filmmakers.

As for this summer, I will be in Kenya for two weeks making documentary short films with refugees at the Kakuma Refugee Camp. 

Yours Musically,

Nicholas Escobar