Summer Recap and Fall Projects

Wow. It has been an eventful few months. 

I traveled to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in July on a Penn Summer Abroad program. I was a part of a small group of people (8 students, 2 TA's and 1 professor) filming documentary short films about the new settlement called Kalobeyei. It is essentially a permanent settlement for refugees and host nation residents (Kenyans) alike. We partnered with the international organisation FilmAid to create short films about certain aspects of the Kalobeyei settlement (for example: Health, Educaion, Food Distribution etc.) The films will then be shown to new arrivals to give them valuable information about living in the camp. 

While we were there, we also filmed a 360 degree virtual reality film about Kalobeyei. Through the new technology, viewers can actually be transported straight to Kalobeyei and see, for example, a primary school classroom and the food distribution area. 

I have the honour of composing the musical scores for both of these important projects. I have already written 12 or so minutes of music for the "Welcome to Kalobeyei" FilmAid film, and I have written a draft of a possible theme for the VR film. Both scores will have live recorded instruments. 

School has started up again. I am a senior at the University of Pennsylvania. I am fortunate to have many projects on the pipeline for this fall. I am writing incidental music for the Quadramics Theatre Co. produced play "The Wolves". Esther Cohen (whom I worked with on "From Up Here") is directing. I have already had two meetings with her and we have some innovative ideas for how to use music in the play. More on this in future blog entries! Also I am signed on to score a documentary feature made by a good friend of mine, and a short film that is shooting in LA in December. I also will score many Nexo Production films in the coming semester. The company is really expanding which is wonderful news.

In other words, I'm busy and happy! 

Yours musically, 

Nicholas Escobar  


The Penn in Kenya group in the riverbank.  


This is me co-directing a short film concerning the health system in Kalobeyei. I am working with the cinematography Barry.  

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