Film, Theatre And Commerical Soundtracks

An Overview: 

Nicholas has had the pleasure to work on many film, theatre and commercial projects. When working with a director or producer, Nicholas likes to ask questions about character motivations, overall plot structure, emotion and tone. All these questions lead to a better understanding of what the film, theatre or commercial score will sound like. These sessions with the creative force behind the project are incredibly crucial in Nicholas's composing process. 

e.i.: emotional intelligence (2016)

Original music from Dennis Kim's short film "e.i.: emotional intelligence". This acclaimed animated film has garnered over 1.2 million views online. It has also been submitted to over ten film festivals around the globe. 

Awards and Recognition

Vimeo Staff Pick (August 2016)
Short of the Week (August 2016)
Shared on Omeleto (March 2017)
1st Place - Penn Student Film Festival (March 2017)
1st Place - Penn Film Festival (Presented by the Penn Undergraduate Media and Entertainment Club) (April 2017)
Audience Award (Reel Animation) - National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) (April 2017)
Official Selection - DesignAwards.Asia (October 2016)
Official Selection - Washington DC Independent Film Festival (January 2017)
Official Selection - Boston Science Fiction Film Festival (February 2017)
Official Selection - National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) (April 2017)
Official Selection - CineYouth Film Festival (May 2017)
Official Selection - Seoul International Youth Film Festival (December 2017)
Official Selection - FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival (2018)

CoLOR-BLIND (2019)

Original music from the short film "Color-Blind", written and directed by Sarah Cho. It premiered at the 2019 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 9th as a part of the Armed with a Camera Fellowship.

Director, Writer: Sarah Cho
Producer: Zuri Irvin, John Enriquez
Director of Photography: Kayla Hoff
Production Sound Mixer: Nico Pierce
Composer: Nicholas Escobar
Production Design: Mike Saenz Stella Cho
Makeup: Jacqueline Holden
Cast: Diana Lu, James Tang


Walt WHITMAN @200 (2019)

Nicholas the pleasure of writing music for a University of Pennsylvania produced video and story about the celebration of Walt Whitman's 200th birthday! 

For the score, he started by improvising while playing the flute, and then improvised piano under the flute performance. This gives the score a free-flowing feel, and I think reflects Whitman's poetry quite well. It also yielded some lovely "accidental" dissonances. 



The Wolves (2017)

His second collaboration with director Esther Cohen, after "From Up Here", "The Wolves" tells the story of a high school girls soccer team. Written by Sarah DeLappe, this play is truly something to behold. This production of the play was produced at the University of Pennsylvania by the theatre company Quadramics. Nicholas co-composed the score with his brother Alec Escobar.                                              


Commercial Scores (2017-2018)

A selection of scores Nicholas has composed for commercials. Nicholas has written music for commercials produced for clients such as The University of Pennsylvania, Neuroflow, Compassionate Sciences, Tailor and Madmen and Curaleaf. 


The Sandman (2016)

Commissioned by a friend for her senior thesis in the Fine Arts Department of the University of Pennsylvania, Nicholas composed this delicate score to describe the relationship between one person and the mythical "Sandman" from childhood until death. 

Mickey Mouse: "The Haunted House" (1929)

As a challenge, Nicholas decided to re-score a 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon called "The Haunted House". Using a mixture of contemporary orchestral techniques and modern electronic instruments, this score is a fascinating blend of the old and the new. 


While You're Still Watching (2018)

A struggling actor finds a set of intriguing cassette tapes, and realizes that he is being watched...and filmed. 
Nicholas used a diverse set of instruments for this score. He live recorded himself playing the mandolin, and the flute. He used wine glasses in the score. He also recorded his own voice and distorted it to create the sounds of a watching crowd. 
The song "I Just Want to Watch You" is an original composition that is meant to evoke a classic 1950's sound. Nicholas wrote the music and lyrics and also performed the vocals.

The People of the Iris (2014)

Four tracks from Nicholas's soundtrack for the original play "The People of the Iris." The full soundtrack can be found in the upper right-hand corner of this website. Nicholas co-wrote this play with two of the friends during their senior year of high school. He recorded the 25-minute score with eight talented student musicians. 

Coffee Break (2018)

Produced by seniors at the Dodge College for Film And Media Arts at Chapman University, this short film tells the story of an aspiring musician who breaks up with his girlfriend in a coffee shop. But, the catch is that the entire world weighs in on whether or not he made the right decision. This film stars French comedian, actor and screenwriter Kev Adams. 


The Seagull (2017)

Original music from Justin Lee's short film "The Seagull"

Awards and Recognitions

Sunset Film Festival Official Selection
Penn Film Festival 2nd Place
Philly Film Showcase
Newtown Theatre Independent Film Night


From Up Here (2016)

This was Nicholas's first collaboration with director Esther Cohen. "From Up Here," by playwright Liz Flahive, tells the affecting story of a dysfunctional family going through all manner of difficulties. Nicholas composed the score for Front Row Theatre Company's production of the play in Spring 2016. He recorded the score with eight wonderful musicians at the University of Pennsylvania.