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Concert Music

PETALS (2019)

“Petals” is Nicholas’s first solo piano album. The concept of the album is that each track choreographs a petal falling from a dying flower. “Petals” also represents Nicholas’s style of composing for piano. He has been developing this style since the first composition he ever composed, back in 2008. It is exemplified by repetitive movement that builds on itself, as well as a lot of internal voices that interact and compete with one another.


For his senior thesis Nicholas wrote the first original score for the incomplete and unperformed 17th century semi-opera "The State of Innocence and Fall of Man" by John Dryden. His thesis was profiled for University of Pennsylvania's Power of Penn Campaign. He plans on getting the entire score recorded live in the future, but for the moment, listen to the 18-second snippet of the Overture, linked here. 

St. Catherine's Hill (2017) 

Nicholas entered a contest to submit a soundscape for the student submission section of the Arthur Ross Gallery exhibit "Landscape/Soundscape". It features sound artists writing soundscapes for landscape photographs by professional photographers. The student exhibition is featured on a touchscreen monitor in the exhibit, and contains the work of 12 Penn students. 

Nicholas's piece is inspired by a photograph he took while studying abroad in London. It is of a group of trees on St. Catherine's Hill near Winchester, England. It is written for 3 strings (2 violas and 1 cello). 

Nicholas recorded the piece live with four Penn student musicians in February 2017. The piece was then recorded by the Daedalus Quartet in May of 2017. 

The Morris Arboretum Suite (2016)

Commissioned by the esteemed Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, this suite evokes 8 distinct areas of the beautiful natural space. The suite is a part of the "Creative Expressions Tour" at the arboretum, available to all patrons. Nicholas recorded this score live with 11 incredibly talented student musicians at the University of Pennsylvania. It has been performed three times on the arboretum grounds.

Snow and Ice (In the Woods During a Snowstorm) (2015)

Composed in January of 2015, this piece describes a snowstorm in the woods. As the piece begins, only a few snow flakes fall but soon the storm picks up. As the piece ends there is a climactic gust of wind which sends the storm away and the woods return to normal.