Photo Credit: Eric Sucar

Photo Credit: Eric Sucar

I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where I majored in English and minored in Music and Global Medieval Studies. I am a recipient of the prestigious Thouron Award, and will begin a master’s degree in music composition in the United Kingdom starting in the Fall of 2019. I intend to become a full-time music composer for film, theater and other media.

I performed my first music composition, a piano piece entitled “Leaving,” at my sixth-grade graduation, when I was 12 years old. As a freshman in high school, I began taking composition classes with a composition coordinator at the Curtis Institute of Music. While in high school, I wrote three scores for theatrical plays, including an original production I wrote with two friends for our senior class.

At Penn, I have written scores for several University projects and student-run productions. Three of 12 short films I scored won awards at the Penn Student Film Festival. I also wrote the scores for two student-run theater productions, and three TV shows. As Music Director for the student-run advertisement firm I wrote music for 16 marketing commercials.

My first project for the University was an eight-part suite, performed and recorded live by Penn student musicians, for the Morris Arboretum, now included in a self-guided tour. I then composed the musical score for an online course by the Cinema Studies Department Director, "Hollywood: History, Industry, Art." My music, also recorded by student musicians, accompanied a photo that was part of an art exhibition at the Arthur Ross Gallery.

During a summer abroad course, I was one of eight undergraduate students to make documentary films in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya with FilmAid International. I composed the music for the films, and I also taught a workshop on film music. I am the co-founder of a new student group on campus, Penn FilmAid.

In previous summers, I worked as an intern at film production companies in Los Angeles, Marc Platt Productions in 2016 and New Horizons Pictures in 2015. I also studied abroad, at Kings College in London, focusing on British theater. I have experience on the stage, having performed in the lead roles in several productions at Penn, including three Gilbert and Sullivan musicals.

To graduate with honors from Penn, I composed an original score for the 1674 John Dryden semi-opera The State of Innocence and Fall of Man. Dryden’s libretto is unfinished, and a score was previously never composed. I wrote music in a traditional 17th-century style, inspired specifically by Henry Purcell and Matthew Locke. 

In February 2019, I released a piano solo album called “Petals". I am currently working on a short film screenplay which will shoot in March 2019. I am also working on the score for Dennis Kim’s (e.i.: emotional intelligence) next animated short film.