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The People of the Iris (2014)

by Nicholas Escobar

During his senior year at Radnor High School, Nicholas Escobar and two other seniors wrote and directed a play called "The People of the Iris". The plot is as follows: A group of Amazonian explorers in 1911 get transported into the future by a Shaman and discover a tribe of humans who worship a God named Iris (Siri backwards). It is a story of an eerie obsession with technology and its consequences. 

Nicholas Escobar wrote a 25 minute score to accompany the play. The orchestra included a string quartet, flute, oboe, clarinet, marimba and two percussionists. The score was recorded by eight Radnor High School musicians (there was no clarinet or marimba in the recording) and was conducted by Nicholas Escobar.

Nicholas's score for "People of the Iris" features multiple themes for different characters and settings. 

1) The Explorer's Hopeful theme--An epic positive theme for the group of explorers. Plays when their journey begins and also in key moments when they rise up against the Shaman.

2) Iris's theme--A dark and mysterious theme for the God who the People of the Iris worship. Is present throughout the entire score and plays immediately in the Overture.

3) The Shaman's Theme- A violent piece that, in many cases, weaves itself into Iris's theme. This is because the Shaman depends on Iris. 

4) The Amazon--A trudging theme, mimicking the explorer's slow trek through the jungle.

5) The Love Theme--Plays when Theodore finally connects with his love Pamio. Also plays earlier in act 2 when he sees her for the first time. 

6) The Requiem--Plays when Charlie dies as well as at the end of Act III as the remaining explorers remember those they lost.

7) Adam's theme--The man who planned the expedition. Is heard as the group is being formed.  

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