"Spotlight" Soundtrack Review

Howard Shore outdid himself. This score is magnificently layered and nuanced. It sounds even better after multiple listens when one can bask in Shore's complex chords and melodic lines. 

The score is for the most part very simply orchestrated. The piano is the star for large portions of the score. There is a small orchestra supporting this piano but for the most part the score seems quite small. That however adds to the charm. With this smaller group, Shore is able to successfully let each instrument stand out.

The tone of the score is quite somber. It is amazing how Shore is able to add extreme dissonances but make them sound completely natural and compelling. The film deals with a heart wrenching and horrifying topic: the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic Priests in Massachusetts. The film score's inner dissonance matches the terrible acts which the Roman Catholic Church was covering up, 

While watching "Spotlight" you are aware of Shore's score, but it mostly sits behind the action, adding musical commentary but never being overbearing. In many ways, this is how film music is supposed to function. However when listening to the score after seeing the film, I felt like I was watching the movie again. This shows that the score complimented the film and successfully existed within its cinematic world. 

Some stand out tracks are "Spotlight" and "Deference and Complicity" but honestly all of the are great.

Give this score a listen, I highly suggest it. The "Spotlight" soundtrack is available on Spotify and iTunes. 

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