The Morris Arboretum Suite

Exciting news! In January of 2016, I was commissioned to write music for the Morris Arboretum. In March of 2016, I took a trip to the arboretum and walked around the site with a sheet of staff paper. While there, I wrote down small sketches of music for possible locations. I also took video and pictures. 

Since March, I have been working on the music, and as of today, I have an eight-part musical suite! I am recording the music this Saturday (the 23rd of April) with 9 student musicians here at the University of Pennsylvania.

Starting this summer, the eight pieces will be available for patrons of the arboretum to listen to. The plan is that using gps, the patrons can listen to a specific piece in the place where I was inspired to write it. 

I will update you all on how the recording session goes next week!

Nicholas EscobarComment