Spring 2017 Updates

It has been a busy few months. Highlights include: 

1) "EI: emotional intelligence" placed 1st at the Penn Student Film Festival and "The Seagull" placed 3rd! These are the first award winning films I have scored. 

2) "EI: emotional intelligence" has also played at film festivals in Boston, D.C. and Atlanta and will be in Washington state at the end of April.

3) "EI: emotional intelligence" was posted on YouTube by Omeleto last week and has racked up over 820,000 views! I have been getting requests for sheet music for the "EI" score! 

4) I have scored 3 commercials so far this year for Nexo Productions for the dating app Necter, an Anti-bullying PSA for the University of Pennsylvania, and an app called "Swell". 

5) I have two projects already in development which I will score: a science fiction short film and an RPG video game.