Post-Graduate Life! (!!!)

Hello Everyone, 

Long time no blog. On my end, I have successfully graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in English and minors in Music and Global Medieval Studies. My time at Penn was really amazing and I feel like I have emerged a better composer following my four years there.

Now... I'm looking for a job! (yay!) The search is going ok at the moment, I've applied to a few things and I feel confident about my prospects.

Throughout the summer I have also had the opportunity to work on a bunch of film projects. I've scored three commercials for Nexo Productions, and also I am currently working on the score for a wonderful short film called "While You're Still Watching." It's a creepy, Black Mirror-esque short. Very very effective. For the score I live-recorded a mandolin, two flutes (one metal, one wooden), wine glasses, a drum and my own voice. It was really fun manipulating those sounds in Logic. 

So that's the update on me!

Yours Musically,

Nicholas Escobar  

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