Post-Graduate Life Part II

Hello All,

The past five months have been quite interesting and perplexing. Adjusting to post-graduate life is certainly more difficult than I expected. Perhaps it is the fact that my routine of going to school has suddenly ceased, and I am being thrown full force into life in the modern, unflinching world. Or something like that.

I have had no shortage of projects over the past few months. I recently scored another marketing commercial for Wharton Wellness for the University of Pennsylvania. I am continuing to work on developing an original musical with a good friend of mine, it is progressing very well. I have been experimenting with songwriting as well, and have some demos of songs that I have written the music and lyrics for. I am developing an album of original piano compositions. I currently have around eight or nine pieces in my head and/or notated down. Hope to release an album in the first half of 2019, so keep a look out for that!

Outside of music, I organically began writing a short story collection. They are a sort of psychological horror series of stories that are all connected. Don’t want to divulge any details as of yet, but it is an exciting on-going project. My hope is to get them published at some point. I am also working on some music compositions inspired by the stories, and perhaps will release them as a package. Updates to come on this.

And then there is the job hunt (of course). A lot of application, a lot of rejections, a lot of sent resumes, the whole deal. I’m trying to look at the rejections from a positive angle though. Each rejection is leading me to the job that I’m meant to have. Since my eventual goal is to be a full-time music composer for film, television and theatre, I’m looking and applying to positions in the film industry (preferably in the music sphere). I will keep applying to things and I will keep my fingers crossed. To all those in a similar position as me, just continue working and sending out applications, something will fall into place soon enough!

Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for listening!

Your’s Musically,

Nicholas Escobar

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