"Petals" Album Release!

Hello Everyone!

First off…Happy February!

Second off, I released my “Petals” piano album on February 1st and I have been absolutely humbled by the positive response I have received. I’m so pleased that people have enjoyed the music, and that it has been getting so much traffic on my Soundcloud.

If you haven’t yet heard my “Petals” album, here is the link to it on my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nicholasescobar/sets/petals.

The story behind this album is that I wanted to create a cohesive piano work that functioned as a whole. Each track is a petal falling from a six-petaled flower. Each petal builds upon the next, ending with Petal #6 which is arguably the most ambitious and ethereal of the pieces. I urge you to listen to all the tracks at once, to get the full effect.

Also, these tracks are fantastic to listen to while relaxing, or studying for a big exam, or driving to work! If you like the music, please share it on your social media. I would like this music to get heard by as many people as possible!

Thanks for letting my shamelessly plug this album. I’m really proud of “Petals”, as you can probably tell. Thank you for listening!

Your’s Musically,

Nicholas Escobar